For Billy Lange, Saint Joseph’s is a dream job


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Jan 10, 2020
On the surface you would say a 6-26 record constitutes a tough year. Putting it kindly. It’s the type campaign you soon would prefer to forget and see in the rear view mirror. Given it was your first year in a new position, one could surmise the coach would be anxiously looking to rebuild for better days. And forget what transpired. Not in the estimation of Billy Lange. The Saint Joseph’s mentor labeled 2019-20 as “great. Last year we all got to know each other,” Lange told the media at the A10 Virtual Media Day. “We fought the heck out of every opponent (seven upsetting Davidson along the way). We walked off the floor of that final game at Barclays Center ( a 77-70 outback to George Mason in the A10 conference first round) after giving it all.”
Lange enters year two convinced the “program is on firm footing. We have incredible leaders from our president to a dynamic AD. I knew Saint Joseph’s...
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