Jack Milko

Nov 21, 2019
KINGSTON, R.I. – With five minutes remaining in the game, the Bonnies looked dead in the water as they faced a double-digit deficit. But instead of folding over, this young team rallied off eleven straight and took a one-point lead with 33 seconds to go. Unfortunately for the Bonnies, Rhode Island’s Ishmael Leggett hit a pair of free throws with 17 seconds remaining, which ultimately sealed a 68-67 victory for the Rams. Bona had multiple chances at the buzzer, but it was not meant to be.
Here are five takeaways from Wednesday’s game:
1. Schmidt Should Be Proud: The Bonnies have now lost all six of their true road games this season, but St. Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt should feel proud of his team’s efforts in Wednesday’s loss. Earlier this season, Bona held the lead late in multiple games away from home, only for those moments to turn into gut-wrenching losses. The exact opposite played out at the Ryan Center, as Rhode Island held the lead for 35:43 of game time. Their...

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1. Schmidt Should Be Proud: The Bonnies have now lost all six of their true road games this season, but St. Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt should feel proud of his team’s efforts in Wednesday’s loss.

I stopped reading after this. Sorry, Jack, but there is nothing to be proud of. If anything coming back like that so quickly is insult to injury. It suggests they needed 37 mins of terrible basketball against a terrible team to figure it out, or, that they needed 37 minutes to wake the fuck up. Neither is something to be particularly proud of.

The defense is slow, sometimes lazy, but most frustrating of all it's incredibly undisciplined. Half the fouls we commit are either situationally horrifying or frustration fouls. The rebounding is inconsistent at best. Both of those are fixable and 99% of the time based on focus and effort. See: last 3 minutes of game yesterday where all of a sudden we forced poor shot selection, turnovers and limited offensive rebounds, compared to first 37 minutes.

Offensively, we have three phases;:
  • Anemic where we dribble around and hoist horrible shots, turn it over, feed to Venning while standing around watching/not crashing boards
  • Good ball movement to create open looks mid range and from 3, but not hitting- especially on the road
  • Good ball movement to create mid range/3 pt looks and hitting them - our best performances at home- but still minimal to no looks in the paint

Our peak offensive performance still doesnt include taking it to the rim. No body attacks the basket and draws fouls on a consistent basis. Back doors and slips to the openings of a defense might as well be UFOs. Hell, UFOs might be more common. Our guys are not particularly great at finishing in traffic- some never will be, some arent there yet. All in all it means even at peak performance our offense is missing a fundementally important part of effective offense. In other words we have a live and die by the jumpshot offense without great jumpshooters.

Considering this has been the case all year and shows no signs of improvement it's pretty damn discouraging.
Seriously, what was more galling: watching a late rally to salvage a road W against a terrible team get snuffed out, or reading everything-is-rosy rah-rah drivel the morning after. You'll have to do better Jack; "dominators" and "unsung heroes"? In a loss to #244 in the NET?
Tough crowd especially after a loss

Layup goes in at the buzzer instead of bouncing out and you guys would love the article
I agree with Community pretty much. Team does nothing well right now. Our defense can be fixed but it is going to take a lot more effort than we have be seeing. I am not an XO person either but it is troubling to hear that Luc cannot be a point guard. Flowers appears to be settling in and has been fairly steady. I hope our 4 star recruit is more than a 3 point shooter. Schmidt lost an entire team and had to put a team on the floor in a couple of months. Not ideal scenario. We have to live with it this year.