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Sep 18, 2020
A10Talk was able to land an exclusive interview with the dancing animated things that CBS has been featuring prominently throughout this year’s March Madness. Below, read the transcript of the interview to learn unique insights about the pixels that have been dancing their way into America’s hearts the past few weeks! 

— No Context College Basketball (@ContextFreeCBB) March 22, 2021
A10Talk: To start off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Dancing Guys: *stand completely motionless, looking like 16 turned off robots*
A10 Talk: It’s okay, you can take some time to get comfortable. Let’s start with something easy. Where are you from?
Dancing Guys: *continue to stand completely motionless*
A10Talk: Ok, seems like you don’t want to discuss that. Do you want to talk about how...

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