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Dec 4, 2020
When evaluating his team’s win over the Dayton on Tuesday, Coach Jeff Neubauer equated his team’s ability to share the load of scoring effort to the classic Mastercard campaign.
“A Kyle Rose three is worth three points, a Onyi [Eyisi] dunk is worth 2 points,” Neubauer said. “For our team to get a win today; priceless.”
Neubauer’s quote wasn’t much of an exaggeration. In a 55-54 thriller that saw the Rams take down the Dayton Flyers for the first time since 2006, it seems that Fordham was able to shrug off their biggest struggles following losses to George Washington and La Salle, most notably on the offensive end.
Gone were the dumps to Joel Soriano in the low post on every possession as the Rams were finally able to get some production from behind the three-point line, shooting a solid 50% from deep. Of course, they  were practically forced to after Soriano committed four first half fouls, but a solid performance nonetheless. Dayton provided little opportunity to find open lanes...

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