Jack Milko

Nov 21, 2019
RICHMOND, Va. — Coming off their best win of the season at VCU, the St. Bonaventure Bonnies turn their attention six miles westward, where they will face the Richmond Spiders at the Robbins Center Wednesday night.
The Bonnies have stayed in Virginia’s capital since Friday to avoid unnecessary travel, meaning their current stay in Richmond will be the longest trip of the season.
Bona has even held practices on Dick Tarrant Court, which can only help this young team grow acclimated to the depth perceptions of the Robbins Center. That said, it’s been business as usual for the Bonnies.
“It’s not a big difference,” Mark Schmidt said when I asked about his team’s extended stay in Richmond. “We don’t do anything. We practice and have team meals. Practice and have team meals. It’s just like being at home. We have study hall too. Instead of staying in your dorm room, you are staying in a hotel room. We do the exact same stuff. I sit in my hotel room and watch tape. I would be doing the same...

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