Brown & White - 2021 TBT


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Nov 16, 2019
St. Bonaventure
After a COVID-shrunken field kept our alumni team out of last year's TBT, we're trying again to get this off the ground. The most difficult year to put this together is always the first, but we believe that once we get a team in we can make this an annual event for Bona fans. Our vision is to bring all of our guys and more back to Bona's every summer for a training camp and "Brown vs. White" skills and scrimmage night in front of fans in the RC. While we unfortunately can't do that at SBU this year because of renovations at the RC, we hope that next year we can create an annual week of appreciation for all our ex-players.

We don't want our players to have to worry about paying for their flights or lodging, and to only focus on playing and Winning. We want the guys playing this summer to tell other potential alums who might be on the fence in future years that we did it right, and that it was an enjoyable experience.

We are raising money through both crowdsourcing and sponsorships, so if you are able to donate (or are interested or know someone interested in sponsoring), please spread the word and help out the cause! Even things like alums who have flyer miles to donate for players helps. We have many alums playing at a very high level right now, and we think there is potential to eventually Winn the whole thing.

For donations:
For potential sponsorships, message me or email for information.


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Dec 29, 2019
St. Bonaventure
I donated last week and was happy to help. What is my cut if you guys take home the cash? :D
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