Jack Milko

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Nov 21, 2019
St. Bonaventure
St. Bonaventure Head Coach Mark Schmidt, who rarely sits down when coaching his Bonnies.
The Lead
Last Wednesday, the Bonnies played host to St. Joseph’s, in which they defeated the Hawks by 26. St. Bonaventure has yet to play since. Due to a Covid-19 outbreak within the George Washington program, the game scheduled for this past Saturday between the Bonnies and the Colonials was postponed.
Instead of playing a game Saturday, St. Bonaventure Head Coach Mark Schmidt gave his team the day off. The Bonnies then practiced Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in order to prepare for the game against the Fordham Rams tomorrow at 2pm on ESPN+.
When asked what the team has been focused on over the past few days, Schmidt said the following: “We’re just trying to get better in all our areas. Trying to get better...

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