Jack Milko

Nov 21, 2019
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Whenever taking a road trip to Virginia, one will notice signs along the interstate that read, “Virginia Is For Lovers.”
Virginians may love their state, but there is nothing like the love that St. Bonaventure students and alumni have for their basketball team.
Hence why these corny little highway signs serve as a perfect metaphor for St. Bonaventure’s next matchup in the National Invitational Tournament (NIT).
On Monday, Dominic Grecco, a senior at St. Bonaventure who is popularly known as “Captain Beer,” sent out a Tweet asking for some financial assistance. He needed some funding for an idea.
He wanted to organize a road trip for his class so that they could make the six-hour drive down to Virginia to see Bonaventure’s next game.
Within minutes, his Venmo account flooded with donations. Some were as large as $1000 while others were as little as $25. No matter the contribution, any little amount helped, as the Brown and White Cult turned his dream into a...

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