Bona/Olean area Covid-19 support.

the gambler

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Mar 6, 2020
St. Bonaventure
Since we're in this weird suspended reality till maybe June and the economy is taking a nose dive---a lot of Bonaventure related outlets are probably going to feel the hurt.

Foremost thinking of the Warming House. NYC area food banks are struggling already. I will donate alittle scratch (

If you have the means--maybe think about kicking in a few bucks too.

Does anyone know if there's any links to help out the Bona bars/restaurants?

I'd love to help out Lou Ruby at the Hick Tav. Would pay a pretty penny to buy via paypal/whatever one of those shirts that're behind the bar (my drunk self always forgets to get one when i'm up there.)

Let's think outside the box, people! (I may even do an online pledge drive with my friends to drink my traditional college pregame drink (4loco/malt liquor) on zoom to raise some money for the warming house/a food pantry in my hometown.)

thanks! Go Bonas
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