A10 Talks with…Kendell Heremaia


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Oct 25, 2021
Watchers of the A10 are well familiar with Kendell Heremaia. A multiple-time all-conference selection, Heremaia has formed part of the core of Stephanie Gaitley’s Fordham side for the last five years. We caught up with the New Zealand native over Zoom. (Note: the conversation has been edited for concision and flow. Many thanks to Fordham’s Ryan Uhlich for setting up this conversation.)
First and foremost, congratulations on reaching 1,000 career points! What was that moment like for you? 
Back home, we don’t really celebrate these types of things. Getting a thousand points isn’t a big deal. Over here, it’s something that was memorable for everyone, and I felt really happy about it. Just to be recognized and to have something like that was really nice.
You will end up having played almost 150 games for Fordham, and you’re all over the record book. What does it mean to you to have put up those types of numbers?
The other day, I saw this sheet that Ryan [Fordham’s SID] had printed out...

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