A (Fictional) National CBB Writer Shares Three Keys for Navigating the NCAA Coaching Carousel


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Sep 18, 2020
Though the NCAA Tournament is still going on, the coaching carousel is already in full swing. While it can be difficult to keep up with all of the movement as coaches freely go from one paid position coaching amateurs to the next one, it’s even harder to analyze what moves are good, and what moves are bad. Luckily, A10Talk got a member of the national college basketball media (Editor’s note: No we did not, this is a fictional article) to give us three key tips on how to evaluate coaching hires as the carousel charts its merry course through the offseason.

It’s better to coach the 12th best team in the Big Ten than the best team in the A10: A successful tenure at a mid-major school may sound nice. After all, it provides a good salary, stability, and you’re able to meet expectations most years. Coaches like Mark Schmidt and Porter Moser may value the ability to set down roots where they’re at now. They are dead wrong. It’s far better to take the job at, say, Boston College, because...

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