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    The Bonnies: 2022-2023 Season Thread

    It was great to see my old backcourt partner in the arena Saturday rubbing elbows with the ESPN contingent. Maybe he's networking for a job.... Some good news - Rumpel was cleared to return on Friday and was supposed to practice yesterday.
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    2022 Recruiting

    Maybe he was told he didn't look good in the uniform?
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    2022 Recruiting

    Moore has had a long road, but I believe was on the same roster in high school with Oscar Tshiebwe and Sagaba Konate before being dismissed from the team and heading to Spire. Good style fit with how Schmidt uses Shoon offensively. Michael Moore commands court at Spire
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    Welcome Barry Evans, Jr. to SBU

    '87 must be quarantined, I was waiting for an opinion on how this uniform would hang off Barry since Sunday
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    Can we refocus on a DII women's player who could save the program? How many threads have been kidnapped by the Savior? Haven't seen this much focus on a OHS player since Charles Perry!!
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    2020 #BonaCup Thread

    I gotta say, line of the #BonaCup so far... "Was that the year Duquesne had those twins who were brothers?"
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    2020 #BonaCup Thread

    Hoping Shoon carries last night's performance over into this (presumed) season!
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    Coronavirus Impact

    More likely the Genny Creme Ale...
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    Schmidt Zoom Talk

    Another to keep in mind for the "Mid Major who won their conference" option - Hofstra
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    Bonnies @ Fordham (Wed. 01/29/20 @ 7:00, ESPN+)

    I've been told Osun has been cleared