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    Bonnies vs. Notre Dame (Today)

    They also have one more freshman McDonald's All-American than we have
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    The Bubble: 2022

    I could definitely be mistaken, but I feel like I've read in the past that while the committee does factor in missed time by key players, it's typically used when it comes to seeding and not when determining which teams are given at-large bids outright.
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    The Charleston Thread

    Both teams struggling to find the touch from deep. Whichever team figures that out first will take it. I like us to come out of that slump and come out focused on defense in front of what should be, by all means, a home crowd. Huge game for SOS and partying implications.
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    The Bonnies: 2021-2022 Season Thread

    Surely this won't continue through next weekend...
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    Bonnies vs. Griffs (Sun. 11/14/21 at 5:00)

    Woof. Average teams lose that game, good teams pull out the win, and great teams never let that happen. Still a lot of work to do for our guys. Coul's minutes have been encouraging but let's just hope our training staff brings some extra Icy Hot for #21 next weekend.
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    FSU gets pounded by the Gators. Combined with our soft 2-0, UVA's loss to Navy, and Mich St. not getting one over KU: I think we'll end up stealing a few additional votes tomorrow, but probably not enough to move us up.
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    Plenty of action left in the week, but it's unlikely anything happens for us to move up in the polls. However, of note: UVA (#25) and Mich St. ("#26") both lost, which will probably shift a few votes in our direction to keep us at #23, assuming we take care of business on Sunday. GW could do us...
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    Bonnies vs. Griffs (Sun. 11/14/21 at 5:00)

    Canisius is at East Carolina on Friday. Should be a fun drinking day for the 1:00 football fans.
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    Bonnies vs. Siena (Tue. 11/09/21 at 7:00)

    Siena definitely isn't the strongest opponent, but Stormo would probably be a bench contributor or better for at least a handful of A10 teams, and based on both the eye test and box score I'd take Coul over Stormo 8 days a week. I believe the bar is pretty low so I'm comfortable saying that...
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    The Bonnies: 2021-2022 Season Thread

    I have to agree that Adaway could be the most important, non-obvious reason that this team will return to or exceed last year's successes. He's often described as the hardest worker on the team, is probably the most athletic, and in my opinion the most pro-ready. I've been saying this to...
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    This is awesome. Now pack the RC.
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    Welcome New AD Joe Manhertz to SBU

    I'm sure glad to have both this and the coaching vacancy finally filled. The AD search felt like it was going nowhere for a minute there, but Joe looks to be a solid hire with the experience we're looking for.
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    Welcome Anouar Mellouk to SBU

    I was caught off guard a little bit with this signing. First impressions from his highlight tapes are that he's a Denzel Gregg clone. Athletic, pretty good handle, and has above average length. The Saizonou connection is good for overall team chemistry and hopefully is the cornerstone of yet...
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    The Bonnies: 2021-2022 Season Thread Our writeup offers the obvious talking points: returning 87% of scoring/minutes and improved depth and competition from Duro, Adams, Mr. Coul, and Brown. The writer points...
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    The Bonnies: 2021-2022 Season Thread

    R*thstein reporting a H/H beginning this year in Olean with UNI. 163 KP on a down season last season but have been consistently in the top 100 these last 10 years. An annoying road trip in 2022 but a suitable, challenging-but-winnable home opponent this coming year.
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    Welcome Karim Coulibaly to SBU

    I was actually wondering the same about Brown appearing in the starting lineup if his scoring ability translates to the A10 level. Hopefully these questions alone are reflective of having a good problem on our hands. If nothing else, it sounds like we have brought in some guys that will compete...
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    Welcome Justin Ndjock-Tadjore to SBU Some of his game highlights. Nice handle for his size.
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    Bonnies vs. LSU- NCAA Tournament 1st Round (Saturday, 03/20/21 at 1:45 pm)

    I randomly caught some LSU games over the last couple weeks and I have to say: I don't hate the matchup. Watford is their inside presence on offense and he reminds me a lot of Tre Mitchell. Good face up game and ball skills at 6'9". Can back down opponents from inside the arc, and a nice enough...