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  1. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. Richmond (Sat. 02/22 @ 6:30 pm)

    I like Bob Planutis throwing bows
  2. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. Davidson (Friday 02/14/20 @ 7:00)

    Schmidt getting outcoached. Embarassing stuff. At least St. Bonaventure doesn't harbor neo nazis like davidson does!
  3. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. GW (Wed., February 5, 7:00 PM)

    we have 7 wins against bottom feeders in the a10 and somehow still have 3 more games left against even more bottom feeders. At this point an 11 win conference play will feel like a failure
  4. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. George Mason (Sat. 02/01/20 @ 4:00)

    Winston is good again and thats good for the bonnies
  5. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. Rhode Island (Sat. 01/25/20 @ 3:00)

    Embarassing loss. URI is so mediocre after Russell.
  6. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies at #7 Dayton (Wed. Jan 22, 7:00, CBS Sports)

    well that could have gone worse tbh
  7. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ VCU (01/18/20; 2:00 pm)

    Last year when we got boatraced in the Reilly against VCU we went 9-2 after, so I guess we can cross our fingers for that to happen again
  8. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ VCU (01/18/20; 2:00 pm)

    If this team wants to make a serious run at NCAA's next year, the staff is gonna need to find some sort of defensive big either coming from JUCO or as a grad transfer. It woulda been great to have that this year so that Carpenter could have redshirted, because he is clearly not ready, and this...
  9. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ VCU (01/18/20; 2:00 pm)

    Gonna need Bob the Builder to grow up fast today, could see big minutes
  10. FortniteDuquesne

    Off Topic - Best Band/Musician from Every A10 City

    Here's my list St. Bonaventure - all of Western New York is Bona-territory, so it has to be legendary Buffalo punk's Every Time I Die Dayton - the hyper prolific lo-fi rock band Guided By Voices Davidson - The Avett Brothers are from like one county away so I guess them Duquesne - dumb and...
  11. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies vs. UMass (Rochester, NY- 01/15/20)

    Should win a lot of games if you only have 7 TOs total. Pretty incredible bonnies won the rebounding battle with Osun only getting 3 the entire game. Also love seeing Bob Planutis soar for some dunks
  12. FortniteDuquesne

    Possible Trip to NY?

    there's a damn good applebee's and a mcdonalds a few blocks east of campus, also don't forget to pick up some clearance beers from the place immediately across the street from campus
  13. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ George Mason (Wed. Jan. 8, 7:00)

    Holding a team to 18 points in the second half, is that good?
  14. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ George Mason (Wed. Jan. 8, 7:00)

    Vazquez playing like a senior
  15. FortniteDuquesne

    Bona @ GW (Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at 4:00)

    Bonas beat GW who beat Evansville who beat Kentucky. I think that means Nate Sestina has to suit up for the bonnies in the 2nd semester
  16. FortniteDuquesne

    Bona @ GW (Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at 4:00)

    Beating GW would be great not just as a means to get momentum in conference play, but also because no university in America with the exception of Yale and Harvard has produced more evil alumni than George Washington.
  17. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ SUNY-Buffalo Game Thread (12/30, 7:00 PM)

    they had 21 more free throw attempts than us. Also the ub clowns doing the commentary were some of the worst I've ever heard, which is a high bar when you watch enough mid major basketball. Shows you the value of a degree from harvey weinstein university
  18. FortniteDuquesne

    Bonnies @ SUNY-Buffalo Game Thread (12/30, 7:00 PM)

    funny, considering suny amherst is new york states premier clown college. thanks all be here all week