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  1. Bonafide

    A New Numbah Retired

    A legend of St. Bonaventure University will have his numbah retired. Don Hoh, creator of the Hawaiian Numbah, will have his numbah quietly and symbolically retired in the rafters of the Reilly Center. A Hawaiian shirt, of the style Don loved to wear, will be displayed in perpetuity for all to...
  2. Bonafide

    Bonnies vs. Blue Raiders

    All For Jesus! Pissah! Aloha!
  3. Bonafide

    The Bonnies: 2022-2023 Season Thread

    The decrepit shithouse located directly across from the Post Office is a massive clown show. Pissah! Aloha!
  4. Bonafide

    Bonnies vs. Notre Dame (Today)

    All For Jesus! Pissah ! Aloha!
  5. Bonafide

    The Bonnies: 2022-2023 Season Thread

    Perhaps the Kenville family could contribute to renovate the disgraceful shithouse located directly across from the Post Office. of its stalls has excrement all over its sides and covering the actual shitter itself. Chuckster again?? Pissah! Aloha!
  6. Bonafide

    The Bonnies: 2022-2023 Season Thread

    The shithouse, located across from the Post Office, is a disgrace. It doesn't help that Chuckie routinely evacuates all over the walls of said shithouse. This is his direct retribution for the WSBU staff declining to play the Hawaiian Numbah. Hoping that the Bolder Bonaventure campaign means...
  7. Bonafide

    The Bonnies: 2022-2023 Season Thread

    Place a large banner that reads... PISSAH!
  8. Bonafide

    Bonnies vs. Saint Francis PA (Mon. 11/7/22 at 7:00 pm)

    Sniff fingah and......"ALL FOR JESUS!" Pissah! Aloha!
  9. Bonafide

    Bonnies vs Alfred 11/2

    Insert fingah, sniff unwashed and then scream out either "ALL FOR JESUS!" or "PISSAH!". Should get your adrenaline pumping. Pissah! Aloha!
  10. Bonafide

    SBUnfurled Unfurls: A look into the Bonnies' guards

    Also inserts fingah and sniffs unwashed after which shouts either "ALL FOR JESUS!" or "PISSAH!". Pissah! Aloha!
  11. Bonafide

    2022/23 Season Cheer

    WTF Chuckie??? I told you that a projectile bowel evacuation (shart) is inappropriate for the cheer and you evacuated anyway while inserting fingah.... causing wet fecal matter to spray all over your hand, arm, clothes and the red seat you were standing in front of. I know that you related that...
  12. Bonafide

    The Bannedwagon Thread

  13. Bonafide

    The Bannedwagon Thread

    ALL FOR JESUS! Pissah! Aloha!
  14. Bonafide

    2022/23 Season Cheer

    Thanks for another PM, Chuckie. No, a projectile bowel evacuation (shart) is not recommended as a component of this cheer. No objection to a large, noisy fart though. Would be awesome at the same time as sniffing unwashed. Thanks for asking. Pissah! Aloha!
  15. Bonafide

    2022/23 Season Cheer

    And in answer to a PM. Yes, standing while inserting fingah is preferred. Inserting fingah into my hot, tight, creamy, rich, hearty, robust asshole while I'm standing at a game gets me some strange looks for sure. But it's all about supporting the team, isn't it? A rousing "ALL FOR JESUS!" or...
  16. Bonafide

    2022/23 Season Cheer

    Well, the dynamic of the cheer is what works best for long as the cheer contains these components... 1. Inserting fingah and sniffing unwashed. 2. Screaming out the cheer following sniffing fingah. Should fecal matter be present on fingah at any point during cheer you may dispose of...
  17. Bonafide

    2022/23 Season Cheer

    I've received several PMs regarding what the 2022/23 Season cheer is. Here goes... 1.) Insert fingah and sniff (deep inhalation) unwashed. 2.) Hold sniff for several seconds. 3.) Scream "ALL FOR JESUS!" loudly while releasing sniff (deep exhalation). 4.) Screaming "PISSAH!" loudly while...
  18. Bonafide

    The Bannedwagon Thread

    Thanks. My hot, tight, creamy, rich, hearty, robust asshole continues with projectile bowel evacuations (sharts) especially after quaffing multiple 40s of Cream Ale. Along similar lines, do chics ever squirt at the same time as experiencing a projectile bowel evacuation (shart)? And, if so...
  19. Bonafide

    Pissah! Squirtah!

    Pissah! Squirtah!
  20. Bonafide


    Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmm. A couple of 40s of de Cream Ale and I'll let loose with a projectile bowel evacuation (formerly known as a shart). BTW....does anyone know if chics also experience projectile bowel evacuations? And what's the story about chics squirting when reaching orgasm? Anyone have...