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    Bonnies vs. Duquesne-La Roche University (Sat. 01/22/2021 at 7:00 p.m.)

    It's time for the reverse fixture of the F'real Cup and the Bonnies lead 62-48 on aggregate! Maceo Austin has returned to the DUQes, but didn't play in the Dukes comeback win over Rhody. Obviously Marcus Weathers and Michael Hughes are two huge guys to watch out for, but Chad Baker is another...
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    Bonnies vs. Richmond (Sat. 1/2, 5 p.m. on CBS Sports)

    Will this game be played? Do we have a chance? How many wide open threes will Blake Francis drill?
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    12/15 Game Thread: St. Bonaventure vs. Akron (in Believeland)

    Not gonna bother trying to actually do a long post after what happened last time. Loren Cristian Jackson is really fucking good. The rest of the Zips are either unknowns or mediocre. Please let this game happen...
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    12/12 Game Thread: St. Francis (PA) vs. St. Bonaventure

    It's only Tuesday and COVID can cancel a game an hour before tip-off, but screw it, I'm calling my shot by starting this thread. Since Siena was too chicken to play us this year, this is the 2020 Franciscan Cup, as far as I'm concerned. We honestly might know more about what the Red Flash will...
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    11/25 Game Thread: Virtual St. Bonaventure vs. Virtual Towson

    St. Bonaventure Virtual Bonnies vs. Towson Virtual Tigers November 25 at 9 am, NBA2k20 on YouTube Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
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    2020 #BonaCup Thread

    We mentioned it in the SBUnfurled and Friends podcast thread, but the 2020 Bona Cup tipped off tonight. 12 teams are vying for the all-time greatest Bona team as crowned by a couple guys with NBA2k, microphones and too much time on our hands! 2016 played 2012 tonight. Watch it below if you...
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    SBUnfurled and Friends Podcast

    Hey everyone, In case you don't have Twitter and haven't seen, @SBUnfurled and I have launched a podcast, because that's really what the world needed was another fucking podcast. Anyways, the second episode came out yesterday evening and it's available on most streaming shit. SBU and Friends...
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    Starting A10 Play

    So OOC was a delicious gorilla burger, except replace the cheese in the grilled cheese with turds. Started off terrible, great in the middle, bad end (especially since we probably should have lost to MTSU to be honest). 2020, new year, new decade, new us folks. We have 4 very winnable games to...
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    Bonnies Pregame/Postgame/Watch Party Thread

    Go ahead and post any info about pregame, postgame or watch party spots in this thread. I'll update this top post with any places that are Bona bars throughout the country. New York City - Jack Doyle's (240 W. 35th Street, Manhattan) Buffalo - The Thirsty Buffalo (555 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo)