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  1. Bonafanatic

    Bonnies Football -- is it time to rekindle the discussion?

    Tired of letting all the bandwagoners have all the fun....
  2. Bonafanatic

    Transfer Portal thread

    I figured I’d start this off with a little speculation on the chances that our core guys return in the order of my perceived likeliness, although 3-5 could go in almost any order: 1. Holmes — let’s face it. He had a very bad senior year. The Oklahoma game (and NIT as a whole) erased some of the...
  3. Bonafanatic

    Chuckie sightings in dc

    Figured I’d start a thread where we could compile all the chuckie updates from the nation’s capitol. Please share all relevant news: how many floozies he leaves the bar with, street brawls with university administrators, genital exposure, etc.
  4. Bonafanatic

    Uconn pre/post-game party across from arena

    I know there is a pregame party inside the arena but it's at capacity (and very expensive) so go party across the street at the Biergarten! (shoutout to Unfurled for making this awesome graphic)
  5. Bonafanatic

    The Charleston Thread

    Figured it made more sense to just make one thread. I’ll be down there loud and drunk for five straight days! Any boise recon? What does that nerd kenpom say?
  6. Bonafanatic

    Student section seating

    This buff news article making the rounds: I understand why they have to limit the student capacity and on Sbunfurled podcast...
  7. Bonafanatic


    Tomorrow the AP’s preseason poll comes out. The voters had to submit their ballots on Friday and three have shared them publicly and all three ranked them (25th, 23rd and 11th(!!!)). My guess is on Monday the team will be ranked for the first time in 50 years but please post any other ballots...
  8. Bonafanatic

    Summer Sessions

    Bonaventure shared this video of the fellas getting in an intense workout: Spotted Shoon, Welch, English and Adaway.... I *think I spotted Karim Coulibaly, Quadry Adams, Oluwasegun Durosinmi and Joryam Saizonou...
  9. Bonafanatic

    Bonnies @ GM (Thu. 02/18/21 at 2:00 pm)

    Figured I'd do my part and get this going. As far as I'm concerned this is nothing more than a tune-up game for Davidson on Sunday. Winn.
  10. Bonafanatic

    Upcoming schedule (1/6-1/16)

    Looking ahead I really like where this team stands right now. Obviously easy to say after a huge win, but even easier to say when you look at our next four games... SJU (home) GW (home) Fordham (away) Duquesne (home) I still think this team just needs some court time and of course nothing is...
  11. Bonafanatic


    I told myself I was going to boycott TBT after they snubbed the Brown & White but I watched last night’s game and Dion and his team Sideline Cancer advanced to the final four! It was fun watching and rooting for him. They play tonight at 6 pm on ESPN.
  12. Bonafanatic

    Bonnies vs. Davidson (Friday 02/14/20 @ 7:00)

    Wanted to get this started with a little self-promotion for our NYC watch party on Friday. Thanks to SBUnfurled for the cool flyer!
  13. Bonafanatic


    I hate to complain about something we're getting for "free" and God knows the content on here is better than the....alternative. But MOTHERFUCKER the ads on this forum FUCKING SUCK!! On an iphone it's hard to scroll around because there's so many and the menu at the top of the browser is...
  14. Bonafanatic

    Pick your poison

    After getting a couple much needed confidence boosters and with the hardest part of the schedule behind us, we’re back in the conversation of a 4 seed. But, would you rather: 1. Be the four seed and take on Dayton Saturday? 2. Be the 6/7 and potentially avoid Dayton until Sunday?
  15. Bonafanatic

    Jalen Adaway

    Not sure what his role will be next year but man is he excelling in his role this year as bench cheerleader. He gets so into the game and is on his feet throughout. I’ve noticed it in person. Seems like a great teammate. Check him out in this highlight reel from today’s game: