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    Shart! Refreshing!

    Shart! Refreshing!
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    SBU President Search Information and Survey

    Found the SBU President Search Information and Survey. Here's the link.... Pissah! Aloha!
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    The Place Where You Talk About The SBU Administration & Board Shitting The Bed

    So Questa is Acting AD again. For the fifth time! I mean why not just give Questa the AD gig permanently? The mystery surrounding Kenney's departure is a prelude to SBU regressing back to the era of Sister and her cronies...some of whom are still employed by SBU. BTW...what is happening with...
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    SBU Library Archive ---- SBU Digital Yearbooks Now Online (free)

    Enjoy..... Pissah! Aloha!
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    Please be advised that my hot, tight, creamy asshole is now my hot, tight, creamy, dry, hearty, robust asshole so as to be entirely transparent during these challenging times. Any interest in penetrating same please PM me. Pissah! Aloha!
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    The Night Olean Sharted

    I deeply appreciate being grandfathered in and I want to follow all the rules including the one about lengthy posts. So here's a link to the Bevel where I posted about the night Olean sharted. Enjoy! Pissah! Aloha!
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    Anniversary of Dev Riot

    So April 29 & 30, 1967 are when the Dev Riot occured. The Dev Riot changed SBU forever. Prior to this event SBU was like a motherfucking monastery with a 9 p.m. curfew, coats and ties having to be worn to class, mandatory Sunday mass attendance, etc ., etc.. Bannedwagon member Jim62 loved the...
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    The Hawaiian Numbah

    Here's a couple of numbahs by Don Ho to help us get through this difficult time. The Man and His Music.... Pissah! Aloha!
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    The Bevel

    Link to The Bevel. All are welcome. Pissah! Aloha!
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    Giving A Shit $ Value

    Interesting site on the $ value of giving a shit at work...... Pissah! Aloha!