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  1. GrantLabedz

    Coronavirus Impact

    Damn unfortunate how well this thread aged... hoping to talk A10 hoops with y’all soon :-/
  2. GrantLabedz

    Chase Johnson returns to Dayton

    Hmmm... interesting. I liked the potential Johnson showed early last season, and Dayton's focus will certainly be on improving its frontcourt without Toppin. Still think the Flyers are gonna be fighting for a spot in the top 5, but it feels like anyone could be 3rd after UR & SLU.
  3. GrantLabedz

    Why I’m Bullish on the 2020-21 Davidson Wildcats

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  4. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    I'd really doubt Crutcher goes pro this year. He has the game, but I think an A-10 POY under his belt next season could get him into the 2nd round of the NBA Draft. I guess I never really considered his draft prospects this season. All the attention was on Obi Toppin, so he kind of flew under...
  5. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    I wonder if Massachusetts can put together a quality OOC schedule to the point it could compete for an at-large bid next year. I still think the Minutemen are a year away, but this past season's non-conference schedule was good enough to get them to that point. Think about next year's team with...
  6. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    It's going to be an interesting season for sure. I'd put the O/U right now at 2 teams good enough to go dancing (Richmond & Saint Louis), and someone else is going to have to emerge from the pack to prove worthy of making the Big Dance. To your point on Davidson, they have some solid freshmen...
  7. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    I think such an underrated part about SLU next year too is the return of Gibson Jimerson. He was shooting 42.9% from three before he got injured and really spaced the floor nicely for the Billikens. I assume Fred Thatch will be back too, giving the Billikens an awesome array of returnees led by...
  8. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    Also, going to be very interesting to see who emerges from that middle-of-the-pack of St. Bonaventure, Duquesne, Massachusetts, and others. I think we have to keep in mind "just because you get a year older doesn't mean you'll necessarily get better." VCU showed that to be true this season. We...
  9. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament (March 11-15, Brooklyn, NY)

    Well done, BonaCommenter & SBUnfurled! Incredibly entertaining to watch the last few days. Thanks for putting in all that work.
  10. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    Here's how T-Rank has 2021 Projections as of right now. 30. Richmond 32. Saint Louis 55. Davidson 74. St. Bonaventure 80. VCU 82. Duquesne 88. Massachusetts 90. Dayton 94. Rhode Island 116. George Mason 139. Saint Joseph’s 141. Fordham 144. La Salle 233. George Washington Would be surprised to...
  11. GrantLabedz

    2020 Atlantic 10 Offseason Thread

    Well. We have a long way to go until A-10 basketball starts up again, but we're all going to be bored for awhile, so what better time than now to start chatting hoops for next season. There are going to be a lot of moving parts between now and next November, but we can start speculating about...
  12. GrantLabedz

    Coronavirus Impact

    Unfortunately, this aged way too well. Such tough news, but it was what had to be done. Praying for everyone's safety.
  13. GrantLabedz

    The A10 Talk Staff Predicts the Atlantic 10 Tournament

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    10 Quick Takeaways from an Incredible Season of A-10 hoops

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  15. GrantLabedz

    Duquesne Basketball: This is Only The Beginning

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  16. GrantLabedz

    Dayton Flyers 2019-20 Season Thread

    It really says something about Dayton’s season when gameday is coming for an ESPN+ game against George Washington... love it!!!
  17. GrantLabedz

    A10 Bracketology: Welcome to March

    Just concerned whether each team will have enough big wins without beating Dayton. Lucky for the Spiders, I think they keep looking better thanks to that win over Wisconsin. Plus they have the nod over URI in the head-to-head on the road.
  18. GrantLabedz

    A10 Bracketology: Welcome to March

    Well... Richmond or Rhody has to make a move in, because other bubble teams have Q1 opportunities that the A-10 does not. At home vs. Dayton feels “must-win” for Rhody.