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    One roster spot left

    Neptune & staff just received a VC from Zach Riley. Riley was the NBL player of the year in New Zealand. The Fordham woman's program has had great success recruiting New Zealand (Erin Rooney, Kendel Heremaia et al). Hopefully this translates over to the men's program. It looks like there is...
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    Transfer Portal Closes July 1st.

    The transfer portal for this year closes July 1st. After that date, it goes back to the old rules of sitting out a season before becoming eligible to play. Currently, we have one player in the portal, Onyinyechi Eyisi, so it looks like the roster is basically set. Coach Neptune has signed 9 new...
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    Congrats to Chris Austin! Named MVP for men's basketball

    Chris was named MVP of men's basketball for the past season. It is well deserved. Chris really came into his own this year. He lead the team in scoring, three pointers made and field goal percentage. Chris recently entered the transfer portal. I am hoping he is only kicking the tires to see...
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    Adding some size as well. Another quality recruit!

    Nate Tshimanga committed today. A 6' 9" power forward. Fordham beat out some high quality schools to land Nate. He received offers from Auburn, Florida TCU, UConn, Tulsa & Ole Miss. Nate is the ninth add to the roster since Coach Neptune was hired. It is a complete remake of the roster, which...
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    Roster remake

    We are up to 8 new player commitments. D.J. Gordon from PSU t o Fordham today. Highly recruited out of High School. He is a 3 star recruit. 6'5", so real good size for a guard. That leaves three open roster spots based on the rules for next year. The transfer portal for this year closes July...
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    Added some more scoring

    Antonio Daye Jr is transferring to Fordham from Florida International University. AT FIU He was the team leading scorer at 17+ppg and the team leader in assists at 4+ per game. We desperately need scoring and this addition along with the transfer from Youngston State, the need is being...
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    Player signings keep coming.

    Darius Quisenberry is transferring in from Youngstown State. A prolific scorer at Youngstown. Set the Freshman record for scoring at the school. Signed a 6'10'' player from the Ukraine as well. That makes 4 signings as well as putting out five offers to HS players. I cannot recall the last time...
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    Recent events

    Hearing they are scheduling games at Barclay's center for the upcoming season.. Also hearing the staff is coming together with the hiring of Keith Urgo, a ten year assistant at PSU. A PSU fan blog said this about Urgo: "Urgo, rumored to be in the mix for last year’s interim position, was a key...
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    Ohams & Austin

    Chunba Ohams and Chris Austin, both who had entered the transfer portal, are remaining at Fordham. Ohams, is a Pogo stick of a forward with big potential if he can avoid the injury bug. Overall, good news.
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    Neptune lands his 1st transfer

    Patrick Kelly transfer to Fordham from Penn State. He had previous offers from Richmond, UNLV, Providence & GCU.
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    Joel Soriano.

    Well, the best player they had just entered the transfer portal. Joel Soriano. Not a great start for the new regime.
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    Head Coach

    NY Post reporting that Kyle Neptune of Villanova will be named head coach shortly.
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    Anyone know where Chuba Ohams is transferring to or is he just testing the waters.