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  1. RamsRamsRams

    A10 Bracketology: Where We Stand Now

    I think the most important game for the A-10 the rest of the regular season in terms of bid count will be Richmond @ GW. I think that's the one "bad loss" Richmond might get since GW has gradually been getting stronger throughout the year and are healthy now. The last game @ Duquesne is...
  2. RamsRamsRams

    Fordham Basketball: Views of the Program from Two Longtime Fans

    Thanks for this. Interesting to hear the admin guy say there's big changes on the way. Improving the training facilities is a good and necessary first step, which looks to be part of the McGinley Center renovations they're doing. The next logical step would be some kind of Rose Hill expansion or...
  3. RamsRamsRams

    Atlantic 10 Monday Games: 12/30/19

    Yeah, Fordham is basically a shell of program at the moment. The Jeff Neubauer era should have ended after last season. Literally the one bright spot that he's brought into the program over these last 5 years, Nick Honor, transferred after one season. The problem is that the Fordham athletic...
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    Atlantic 10 Power Rankings

    1. Dayton 2. VCU 3. Richmond 4. Rhode Island 5. Saint Louis 6. Duquesne 7. George Mason 8. St. Bonaventure 9. Davidson 10. La Salle 11. George Washington 12. Massachusetts 13. Saint Joseph's 14. Fordham