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    Wednesday 1/29 Games

    I'm staying away but would take URI +1 (line has moved today). I am going to bet the Under 141 seeing as the first meeting only hit 121
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    Wednesday 1/29 Games

    Dayton -8.5 :mad: GW ML 🤑 Bonnies -5 🤑 Mass -6.5 🤑 La Salle +4 🤑 Getting hot! Let's go!
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    Atlantic 10 Tuesday Games: 1/28/20

    Should've faded me :geek:
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    Wednesday 1/29 Games

    Dayton (-8.5) @ Duquesne (CBSSN) Davidson (-4.5) @ George Washington (ESPN+) St. Bonaventure (-5) @ Fordham (ESPN+) Saint Joe's @ UMass (-6.5) (ESPN+) Saint Louis (-4) @ La Salle (ESPN+) 4 road favorites tonight. Seems like we are ripe for a few home dogs to keep it close or pull out a win...
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    Atlantic 10 Tuesday Games: 1/28/20

    URI -4.5 & Richmond +8.5 * *I'm 0 for my last 100 so easy money if you want to fade me.
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    Atlantic 10 Wednesday Games 1/22/2020

    I am out of money
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    Atlantic 10 Wednesday Games 1/22/2020

    Predictions: -Dayton will probably win easily especially with Osunniyi out. -Richmond will hold serve at home and move to 5-1 -SLU wins a close game and solidifies the separation between top 1/2 of league and bottom 1/2 -Duq-Rhody should be close and is seemingly a massive game for top 4...
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    A10 Bracketology

    The easiest way for me to look at it is: if the 2nd place team in the conference (assuming Dayton is 1st) also has a win vs Dayton, they should be a good bet for an at-large. That would likely mean 13+ conference wins and a signature win. Unfortunately, the conference was 1 signature OOC win...
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    Foul Discrepancy in Conference Play

    Cool graphic. I wonder what is causing the differences here. 1. Do these teams win more because they get a few more whistles at home? (I doubt it) 2. Do winning teams get fouled more because they are better teams. 3. Do teams that win get fouled more at end of game situations and that causes...
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    Atlantic 10 Power Rankings

    My only change would be to maybe move Bonnies up a tier (but still same order). Think they are closer to Rhody/Richmond then Davidson/Mason now that they are healthy and rolling.
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    NET Rankings

    I agree with that. I'm just still scarred from the beating Duq put on SLU a week ago that I just assume they will win out.
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    NET Rankings

    Updated NET (updated for games through 1/7/19) Change since Friday in ( ) +3 meaning a team improved from 68 to 65 for example. -3 meaning dropped from 65 to 68 8. Dayton (+1) 30. VCU (+13) 50. Richmond (+14) 62. Duquesne (+13) 69. Saint Louis (+10) 86. Rhode Island (+4) 99. Davidson (-3) 115...
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    Atlantic 10 Openers

    ATS i'll take Richmond -12 SLU +3 Fordham +19 Dayton - 9.5 URI -8
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    Atlantic 10 All-Decade Team

    Jordair Jett, Jaylen Adams, Deandre Bembry, Andrew Nicholson, Obi Toppin. Sub in Tu Holloway & Khalif Wyatt for Jett and Bembry if I can use any A10 team from this decade.