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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    Hey guys don't look now, but apparently Kyle and Osun need to "show up" this year.
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    Bonnies vs. VCU (Wed. 01/20/21 at 6:00 pm)

    Not particularly surprising - it seemed like his body language wasn't the greatest whenever he was out there. Perhaps inflated sense of ego - kid didn't do his homework and thought he could come to Bonaventure and immediately start because he averaged 13 pts on a 44% clip at Kent State. Either...
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    Bonnies @ FU (Wed. 01/13/21 at 2:00 pm)

    The way Shoon was passing today, it may be beneficial to use him more in the fashion that Stockard was used a few years back. Have him pop out to the foul line and run some offensive sets through him. As others have stated he continues to look weak around the rim. His inability to finish...
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    Bonnies vs. Hofstra (Sat. 12/19/20 at 2:00 pm)

    I don't want to rip Winston - but he seems to really struggle grasping the x's and o's of Schmidts playbook. I find this of particular interest because guys who have displayed confusion about the playbook on gameday usually find the bench pretty quickly with Schmidt. He definitely has the raw...
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    12/15 Game Thread: St. Bonaventure vs. Akron (in Believeland)

    Really liked what Creal brought to the table - his passing was spot on he seemed like he had been with the team far longer than he actually has - and he didn't shy away from the basket when given the chance. He showed some serious chops when it came to his passing down low to Shoon. Schmidt even...
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    Would love to be in the A10 pool if you still have space. Thanks for all that you do!

    Would love to be in the A10 pool if you still have space. Thanks for all that you do!
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    Coronavirus Impact

    One of the only silver linings about this panedemic has been watching Gleason's freezing hot takes on virtually everything. A bonus has been discovering his use of twitter, which seems to be the equivalent of giving a 1st grader a Boeing 747.
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    SBU Library Archive ---- SBU Digital Yearbooks Now Online (free)

    WHERE TF IS TOM GLEASON!? Are you telling me that Tom Gleason never actually graduated from St. Bonaventure?! WHERE THE FUCK IS HIS BIRTH CIRTIFICATE?
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    C'mon guys - I thought this was supposed to be a talk show Bona basketball sight. Grow up and lets get back to basketball.
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    Coronavirus Impact

    So the only plans that are working right now in major sports are the ones that are in a bubble giving tests every. single. day. You need a centralized location with a powerful institution that can enforce remarkably difficult to meet standards. Even with all of that in place the cost will most...
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    Hey guys I heard via the Bannedwagon that there's a cure! If you shit in your hands, THEN rub it in your ears, say St. Francis' prayer 20 times and THEN kick a volleyball over Falconio Hall you have a chance to be cured. IF you perform everything in it's proper order, Tom Gleason should...
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    2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament (March 11-15, Brooklyn, NY)

    #1 - It's not an interest of the few - it's literally 12% of the population that is at serious risk right now. For those of us that have loved ones over 70 it's fucking scary. There's no cure for this shit, and if you have a compromised immune system you're in some serious danger. #2 -...
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    Bonnies @ Saint Louis (Sat. 03/07/2020 @ 8:00pm)

    Really liked this post after reading all the crap on the other site. You're right that these guys do really want to win, and anyone who questions their desire has most likely been dealing with a Neurosyphilis for a prolonged period of time - perhaps there was an outbreak on Bonaventure's campus...
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    Bonnies vs. Saint Joseph's (Wed. 03/04/20 @ 7:00pm)

    I don't know if I would describe this as a nice win. We played a 2-14 team in the A-10 that's worse than Fordham. They've won six games the whole season. We were at home. We did what a team ranked in the upper tier of the A10 should do. I'm a little pissed that Schmidt kept Jaren (and...
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    Bonnies @ La Salle (Sat. 02/29 @ 2:00 pm)

    Of course when we play at Tom Gola Arena it's Senior Day. It looks like goddamn Live Aid by Tom Gola Arena standards today with like 1,350 people there. Our guys playing with a bit more intensity the last few mins. Hope they keep it up.