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    Roster remake

    This is a very good roster. I’m very excited. On paper at least, this is probably the best roster Fordham has ever had in the a10
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    Added some more scoring

    Daye is a really good pickup. I really like what the coaching staff is doing.
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    Player signings keep coming.

    I like the idea of going after juco players. Got at least 2 and offered a few more. Not sure how good they are but this team dies need an influx of talent that can play right away
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    Recent events

    I like the Urgo hire but I would also like to get someone with previous head coaching experience. Also someone with New York ties would be great. Playing at Barclays and the Garden for a few games a year isn’t bad. But it seams pretty obvious that there’s no plan for an on campus arena upgrade.
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    Ohams & Austin

    Good news.
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    Neptune lands his 1st transfer

    Good pick up I guess. He didn’t play at all at penn state. It’s hard to say how good he is. Hopefully Coach Neptune can add some more players from the transfer portal. There is a ton of talent in the portal.
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    Joel Soriano.

    It’s not a good start. Hopefully can get some players in the transfer portal but I haven’t heard anything.
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    Head Coach

    I have a feeling Grasso turned them down. Halloway probably did also. Without any real arena upgrades this is a very difficult job.
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    Head Coach

    That’s a pretty disappointing hire. This is a hard enough job. And then they hire someone with no head coaching experience. Why didn’t they hire Grasso?
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    Potential home venues

    It seems clear that these “facility improvements” will not be including a new arena or major renovations to Rose Hill Gym. Fordham has got to have another venue. Rose Hill Gym is just too small. Just wondering if there are any other possibilities. The only venues I can think of are the...
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    Fordham Basketball: Views of the Program from Two Longtime Fans

    This was a year ago now so we’re already seeing what these “big changes” are. But most of these changes are cosmetic. The big change is a new state of the art gym floor. I just doesn’t seem as if this administration is interested in making big enough changes.
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    A Quick Look at the Ongoing Fordham Head Coach Search

    Hopefully it’a Grasso.