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    Welcome Joryam Saizonou to SBU

    I would like to see SBUnfurled work his magic on these and make them a bit more Bonacentric. What say you SBUnfurled?
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    Welcome Karim Coulibaly to SBU

    Karim will quickly become a fan favorite. He plays with a high motor. Although not a leaper, he works hard on defense and will mix it up. He is a capable offensive threat. He was forced to play the 5 at PITT. He is more comfortable at the 4. He is unselfish and a solid passer. If he gets touches...
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    The latest "gem" on the BW. The astute posters are debating who is the better player Shoon or Nicholson just because... lol, what the fuck is the point?
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    Bonnies @ Davidson (Wed. 02/24/21 at 5:00 pm)

    Lofton had high praise for AJ after the GW game. Honestly, I don't know what to make of AJ. He is an enigma. IMO, he has worked much harder on defense this year. He shows desire to defend. If he makes better decisions regarding shot selection the minutes are available for him. He needs to let...
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    The Bonnies: 2020-2021 Season Thread

    I am a big Lofton fan and appreciate his talent and contributions. He is one of the best PG's in the A10. Great leadership requires the ability to maintain composure under duress. The VCU meltdown is not an isolated incident. The scout on Lofton is to agitate him. He needs to be ready for it...
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    The Bonnies: 2020-2021 Season Thread

    It is time for Kyle Lofton to grow up. I love him as a player and appreciate his junkyard dog mentality. However, it is well past time that he act like a leader and stop with the bullshit technicals and frustration fouls. Against VCU his inability to maintain composure really hurt the team at...
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    The Bonnies: 2020-2021 Season Thread

    Justin Winston transfers to Bobby Mo University. He would have gotten plenty of run with the Bonnies. Hard to fathom how this move makes any sense after 2 games. The team has moved on and done well. Our short bench remains a concern. Go Bonnies!
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    Bonnies @ URI-Kingston (Wed. 12/30/20 at 4:00 pm)

    We lost the Rhody game at the rim. The number of missed bunnies was putrid.
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    Bonnies vs. Hofstra (Sat. 12/19/20 at 2:00 pm)

    For the record. I am a Winston supporter and wish him well. His upside is tremendous. Constructive opinion does not necessarily equate to "ripping" a player. I don't believe in doing that to a collegiate student athlete.
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    Bonnies vs. Hofstra (Sat. 12/19/20 at 2:00 pm)

    Winston has struggled the first two games. He has to allow his shots to come via the flow of the offense. He hunts shots too much and too early in the shot clock. He also lacks intensity and focus on defense. He has talent but needs to show progress. He has the raw talent to do so.
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    2020 Recruiting

    Anthony Roberts to Bonas. Huge get!
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    2020 Recruiting

    When players fight hard for minutes, it makes for better practices and a tougher basketball team. Complacency is the kiss of death. Each guy is going to have to compete to get on the floor. Said dynamic is a good thing. Ask Tray Woodall what a typical practice looked like at PITT during his...
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    2020 Recruiting

    One thing that stands out about Eddie. He is junkyard tough. Last year we got bitch-slapped a bit too much for my taste. I have a sense that Eddie will mix it up and "he won't back down" (RIP Tom Petty).
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    Planutis Transferring

    Boca Bobby came in with a lot of hype. At times he didn't seem comfortable on the floor. High percentage treys would have made him a key contributor. Sadly, the treys wouldn't fall. Boca's body language suggested a player who had lost his mojo. By all accounts a great person who worked and...
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    Bonnies @ Duquesne (Sat. 02/08/20 @ 3:00) at RMU UPMC Events Center

    Really gritty win by the Bonnies! My favorite play was Domocles winning the offensive rebound over the 6-11 Ragnar Lothbrok.