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    Bonnies vs. Duquesne-La Roche University (Sat. 01/22/2021 at 7:00 p.m.)

    So is LaRoche University the actual Fort Duquesne?
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    Bonnies vs. VCU (Wed. 01/20/21 at 6:00 pm)

    I’m not sure a transfer helps this year. It’s not talent alone that gets you on the court, or else Winston would still be here playing 30 minutes a game. Is it realistic that we're going to get a guy with the talent level to get minutes, who will also developing an understanding of the system...
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    Upcoming schedule (1/6-1/16)

    If Duquesne is available and Saint Louis is out, lets go play them again and open up the game on the back end of the schedule. Personally, I'd rather move up a team we just played on short notice since we already have a game plan for them. The level of virus in communities is a lot higher now...
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    To be fair, the main moderator over there said COVID would be going away after November 4, so I can see where he would assume its ok for crowds to gather again.
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    Improving College Basketball

    I suspect the NBA is moving towards allowing HS seniors to go pro or establishing a better D-League route for top players. That will move a lot of those top guys out of the one and done system. It also probably a preliminary announcement that will lead to the announcement that March Madness...
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    The Bonnies: 2020-2021 Season Thread

    I don't like playing Saint Louis twice, but the rest of the schedule looks solid. If it happens.
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    This is the interview question I never knew I needed.
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    Coronavirus Impact

    Looking at what happens to people who get COVID as they die or they recover is far too simplistic. Many recover but end up with lasting damage to their lungs, heart, or brain according to recent studies. Here's a short article about that -...
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    2020 Recruiting

    It’s on page 22 here. it goes back before I can say I was a fan for anyone to even be in the team.
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    2020 Recruiting

    The one perk of the season ending early is that we didn't have to hear anyone saying that they should throw lobs to Shoon again. As though its just so easy as speaking it into existence. Anyway - I'm hoping that the next step in Vasquez's development will be the ability to run the offense as a...
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    The Bannedwagon Thread

    Bandwagon seems to be reporting that Walt Frazier is transferring from the Knicks broadcast booth to be the backup to Kyle Lofton.
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    Planutis Transferring

    Boca Bobby transfers to Florida Atlantic University and becomes a two time player of the year.
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    2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament (March 11-15, Brooklyn, NY)

    Twitter feed on the sidebar of championship central is interesting. Teams breaking the news before the Conference. Two tweets from VCU, one was their starting 5 for today, 10 minutes later they say the tournament is cancelled. About 45 minutes prior to that, Richmond posts "Ready for whatever."
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    2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament (March 11-15, Brooklyn, NY)

    I assumed our top line-up would be four sophomores and a freshman, but I didn't see Vazquez and Planutis in there. Would have expected to see Juston Wonston at the 4. I will also now wait for Wonston to become the regular spelling on the BW.
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    2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament (March 11-15, Brooklyn, NY)

    As a casual Kosciuszko enthusiast, I am ashamed that I didn’t know the Bonaventure connection.