Final A10 Efficiency Numbers





Offensive Eff. Defensive Eff. Efficiency Margin Record
Dayton 115 94 21 18-0
Richmond 107 93 14 14-4
Davidson 111 102 9 10-8
Rhode Island 102 95 7 13-5
Saint Louis 102 96 6 12-6
VCU 101 98 3 8-10
Duquesne 103 102 1 11-7
St. Bona 104 104 0 11-7
UMass 96 103 -7 8-10
George Mason 96 103 -7 5-13
LaSalle 96 105 -9 6-12
GW 96 105 -9 6-12
Fordham 85 98 -13 2-16
Saint Joseph’s 95 112 -17 2-16


Tournament time and on to Barclays. The table above gives a final look at the Atlantic Ten efficiency in regular season action. The efficiency margin is the offensive subtracted by the defensive. Naturally a positive number is what teams aspire to.  Only conference games are factored into this equation and numbers are courtesy of

A few notes:

Dayton was simply off the charts on both ends of the floor. Case closed. The numbers bearing out the eye test.

Not to bring up an unpleasant thought but guess those Richmond ‘fans’ responsible for that billboard (which I won’t even repeat)  last year were a little misguided.

VCU a ninth seed? A losing record and positive efficiency margin. Who saw this coming? One tough team to put a handle on.

Fordham plays good defense, bad offense. Which is a good reason they are playing on Wednesday.

The ‘Hawk will never die’. Pep slogans are great but…A poor defense and offense related them to Wednesday afternoon. This should be the end of a season to forget on Hawk Hill.

St.Bonaventure finished over .500 in A10 play and broke even in efficiency. Beyond metrics are concerns of consistency heading to Brooklyn.

Rhode Island has struggled of late. If they can get back on track, numbers tell us they could do damage in Brooklyn.

Numbers (and they are favorable) aside, Saint Louis is a very dangerous team at this point.

Davidson barely over .500 in conference play. Offense was well above average. Defense, not so. Therein lies the problem.

Enjoy the five days of ‘madness’. Anyone heading to Barclays take precautions, follow suggested guidelines and be safe!