Fabulously Bad Picks

The snow has come and gone along the East Coast.  We’ve witnessed an insane 2OT game between UR and GW.  Millions of Americans watched Republican hopefuls “debate” each other and make fun of Donald Trump’s, well just Donald Trump in general.  All of that is well and good, but it means next to nothing when we get down to brass tacks and realize that your boy went 6-3 last week.  That seems about as likely as spotting a unicorn riding a lightning bolt across the Omaha skyline this evening.  In other words, rejoice my people! Rejoice!  I didn’t get to make any picks this week because I was working on the interview I did with VCU’s JeQuan Lewis.  I didn’t like any of the Wednesday games so it was definitely for the best.  But now it is time to take life by the short and curlies and go get that paper!

Fordham at Massachusetts(Line: UMASS -4 )

This is a very interesting game in my opinion.  And I only mean it is interesting in terms of the line and strictly for betting purposes.  The Minutemen looked horrible against SLU at home last weekend and if it had not been for Mr. Trey going insane from deep; UMass would have lost that game by 25.

Fordham has shown something this year which beats the hell out of the nothing it put forward last season.  I wish I had a good feeling about this game but I don’t.  I could easily see Trey, Donte, and Mr. Hinds handling this one easy but I’m going to go ahead and take Fordham to cover.  I already hate this pick.

La Salle at Dayton(Line:  Dayton -20  )

Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Somebody wrote that a long time ago and it still rings true today.  Let’s just say I have a strong feeling that things will be less than tropical in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday.  The Flyers would be ranked in the Top 25 if not for its slip-up in Philly a few weeks ago.  Dayton has been getting solid contributions from Pierre, Pollard, Smith, Cooke, both Davis’, and its 56 year-old redshirt freshman, Steve McElvene.  The Flyers are rolling/soaring/throw in any other hackneyed phrase you want.  These guys are really freaking good.

La Salle is not very good. Losing 12 out of 13 isn’t fantastic.  The Explorers can be difficult to watch sometimes with their lack of shooting and ball movement on offense.  Dayton has had a couple of clunkers at home this year and isn’t fantastic against the spread but I really don’t care.  I’m sure La Salle will try to take the air out of the ball again like it did in Philly but  I’m still rolling with the Flyers in this one.

Duquesne at Saint Louis(Line: Duquesne -4.5 )

I would feel so much better about St. Louis if last week had not happened.  Dayton made SLU look like a JV team and all of that scoring from the new and improved Runnin’ Billies was nowhere to be found. But Dayton is really freaking good so we are going to throw that one out and move on.  Duquesne spent an entire day on a bus in the snow.  That is worse than sucking on a poopy flavored lolly pop.

I think this has a chance to be a great game.  I’m interested to see how SLU’s young guards fare against the veteran backcourt of Colter and Mason.  The Dukes are sneaky athletic in the front court and look to have an advantage in the paint in this one.

Saint Louis played horrible basketball against Dayton and needs to rebound.  Playing at home on a Saturday should be a fine elixir for a team that has gone from unwatchable to interesting in the past couple of weeks.  I don’t feel great about it but I’m taking SLU and the points.

Saint Joseph’s at Rhode Island (Line:  Rhode Island -4)

This is the game of the day.  I really wish I was up in New England because I’d be there and I would be really freaking happy about it.  I love both of these teams.  How can you not love watching guys like Bembry, Miles, Iverson, Martin, and Garrett?  Both of these teams are well coached and play incredibly hard.

Rhode Island wants to beat the crap out of you physically.  Hurley is getting the most out of his team and even though they lost Mathews for the season in the opener, the Rams are still as tough of a squad as you will find in the conference.

Bembry and Miles are cooler than Starsky and Hutch. Fact.  That has nothing to do with this game but I just needed to put that out there.

I could see this one going down to the wire tonight.  The X-factor for me in this game is Mr. Garrett. He has been playing outstanding ball over the past couple of weeks.  Great point guards at home are tough to beat and I think Rhody is going to get this one. But I could easily see Joe’s coming in and Bembry going “all Bembry” on the Rams with Miles making shots and the Hawks pulling out a big road win.  AHHHH!!!  I basically have no idea who is going to win this game, which really isn’t any different than the other picks I suppose.

Crap! Give me Rhody in the cover.

Today is going to be awesome.  Watch basketball and love it.  I’ve got a ton of hoops to watch some I’m out.  Let’s go get that money baby!!!

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