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Dion Wright: The Bonnies’ Scoring Machine

Dion Wright has been a scoring machine for St. Bonaventure. Can I say that despite the fact that he isn’t even the Bonnies’ leading scorer? Heck, he isn’t even the second leading scorer! Yet, I can say that, because the senior out of California has a knack for putting points on the board. Averaging 16.1 per contest, he ranks third on the team behind the Bonnies’ dynamic backcourt duo of Marcus Posley (17.7 PPG) and Jayeln Adams (17.6 PPG). Needless to say, St. Bonaventure has three top-tier scorers who can drop 20 on any given night. But given the capabilities of all three, here’s a look at why Dion Wright in particular has been so pivotal for the Bonnies.

First and foremost, congratulations to Dion Wright on scoring his 1,000th career point the other night against Duquesne. He is just the 24th player in St. Bonaventure program history to score both 1,000 points and grab 500 rebounds on a collegiate level. That’s quite an accomplishment for the Bonnies’ senior. By the way, did I mention that he only scored 36 points his freshman year? Yeah, this kid is good.

But what makes Dion Wright such a dynamic scorer is his consistency. Night in and night out, it’s a given that Wright is going to score in double digits. He’s going to provide a spark on offense and give St. Bonaventure the scoring production it needs to compete in the Atlantic 10. Take a look at his scoring this season. Only once had Wright scored in single digits, and that was when he put up 8 against George Mason a few weeks ago. 8 points as a current season low? I’ll take that guy on my team.

In comparison, Jaylen Adams has failed to break double digits only twice this season; he had 6 point outputs against Canisius and Buffalo. Leading scorer Marcus Posley has failed to reach 10 points 4 times this season. What’s most impressive about Wright’s production is that he scores as much as he does without much help from three point shooting. Most great scorers rely on their long range shooting to light up the scoreboard; Dion Wright certainly has a three point shot, but its not his forte. He’s hit just 8 from behind the arc this season. This means that Wright is putting the ball in the basket very frequently in order to score at such a high level. It’s not uncommon to see Dion Wright score 7 or 8 times per contest. He’s also rebounding at a rate of 8.7 per game, making him such a well-rounded player.

The bottom line is that the Bonnies have loads of scoring talent. Though Dion Wright may not get all the credit he deserves, he’s an integral part of this Bonnies’ offense thanks mostly in part to his consistency. Dion Wright doesn’t have off days; he’s almost always going to put up double figures and give St. Bonaventure a chance to win. With the Bonnies soaring in conference play, expect the senior to continue playing at a high-level.

Grant Labedz is a college basketball superfan who loves the entire sport but definitely has favorites in the A-10 and the Big Ten. He has written for ...
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  • January 19, 2016
Love this kids work effort
Dion is a phenomenal basketball player. He is always where the ball is. I have no doubt wherever he goes he will succeed . His work ethic is outstanding because his level of the game shows just that on the court.