#AskA10Talk: Pre-mature all-league picks and NCAA Tournament chances

Grant Labedz: No, but Richmond has looked better lately. Forcing overtime against BC was promising, and a win over Davidson was unexpected. All of the talented pieces might start to come together for UR, but we’ll see if Mooney can make it in Atlantic 10 play. I’m not sure he’ll be able to…

Grant Labedz: For 1st team all-freshman, I’ll take Eric Williams Jr., Kellan Grady, Carl Pierre, Daron Russell, and Taylor Funk. For 1st team all-league, I’m liking Jaylen Adams, B.J. Johnson, Justin Tillman, LuWane Pipkins, and Jared Terrell (however, Peyton Aldridge could easily sneak in if he starts playing better). 2nd team all league right now would be Peyton Aldridge, Josh Cunningham, E.C. Matthews, Matt Mobley, and Pookie Powell.

Grant Labedz: Again, based on what we’ve seen SO FAR: Jaylen Adams, B.J. Johnson, Justin Tillman, LuWane Pipkins, and Jared Terrell. Again, a lot could change in conference play.

Grant Labedz: Do I think Richmond would benefit from looking for a new coach after this season? Absolutely. Let’s see how Mooney does in conference play, but I’m pretty sure the Spiders will have a new coach in 18-19.

Grant Labedz: Eric Williams Jr., Kellan Grady, Carl Pierre.

Grant Labedz: Jaylen Adams, B.J. Johnson, Justin Tillman (I’m pretty sure you’re wondering about Pipkins, and right now he’d be my #4 pick).

Grant Labedz: I guess VCU could, especially because the Rams get both URI and Bona at home without return games. If the A-10 were to get 3 teams in the Big Dance, St. Bonaventure and Rhode Island would have to have less than 5 or 6 combined losses in A-10 play (probably), and then someone would have to sneak up and win the league. This is all relative though. I don’t know what the bubble is going to look like in March. My estimated expected value of bids for the A-10 this year is probably like 1.7. I’m going to guess, more likely than not, St. Bonaventure and Rhode Island go dancing, but anyone else is probably too much of a stretch.

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