A10 Talk Coach Countdown: #3 Chris Mooney

Welcome to A10 Talk’s Top 14 Coach Countdown of the 2016-17 season. We like to rank the players of the A-10 each season, but we’d also like to take a look at the brains of the operations. Who were the best coaches of the 2016-17 season? Who were the worst? Our site voted and compiled a list based on last season alone. This list is representative of how well each coach performed in the 2016-17 season, not in his entire career. Today, we feature #3 Chris Mooney.

Best Moments

Downing the Bonnies at home

This might have been one of the most exciting games in recent memory as a Spider fan. It was back and forth game with the Bonnies led at halftime. The Spiders came out guns blazing in the second half to rout the Bonnies by 20 in the second half. Richmond freshmen De’Monte Buckingham and Nick Sherod shined combining for 35 points. The highlight of the night was a Buckingham chase down block leading to TJ Cline three. The win moved the Spiders to 4-0 in the conference.

NIT win against Alabama

One of the biggest wins came on the road in Tuscaloosa. The Spiders went against a very big Alabama squad and dominated them from the tip. The Spiders won despite having no points come from the bench. Khwan Fore had 14 points in his return to his home state. ShawnDre’ Jones led the team with 22 points. The Spiders advanced to the next round of the NIT where they would beat Oakland.  It was a solid win for the Spiders and the conference.

Worst Moments

Loss at Oral Roberts

This was inexcusable. Before the game I didn’t even know what conference ORU was in. Non-conference always seems to be where the Spiders struggle. There was no exception this year. The Spiders uninspired play was disappointing to say the least. ORU had 3 players in double figures in a game that wasn’t close in the 2nd half. This type of loss is inexcusable for any A10 team.

0-3 vs VCU

This might be what Chris Mooney gets the most heat for, his record against VCU. Overall, Mooney is 4-15 against VCU. Being swept by your crosstown rival for the second straight year is inexcusable. Despite the coaching changes on Broad, VCU has dominated Mooney. This would have some coaches fired at some schools.

Next Season

Chris Mooney will have limited expectations coming into next season. The Spiders will lose the heart and soul of their team in ShawnDre’ Jones and TJ Cline. Chris Mooney will have a new boss which should be very interesting. This Richmond team will be extremely young which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. De’Monte Buckingham and Julius Johnson will be the leaders of this team. Both guys have proven that they can play. If Mooney can land a decent graduate transfer the Spiders could be a sleeper. If not, the Spiders might be looking at another NIT bid.

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  • Jive36
  • May 23, 2017
I just cant see a coach who was on the hot seat in December ranked as the 3rd best coach. How long into next season before the fans are calling for his head again after they regress without Cline?
  • spiders16
  • May 25, 2017
As a UR alum who has closely followed the team for the last 5 seasons, I can confidently say that Chris Mooney is one of, if not the worst coach in the A-10. The number of leads they have blown late in the second half is embarrassing. The team is always undisciplined, fouling early and often and cannot hit free throws down the stretch (you may say this is on the players but Mooney's teams have always been poor FT shooters late in games, and a lot of the confidence to hit those shots comes from your coach). I don't hate the princeton offense but he refuses to vary away from it even a little bit, even when they are having a poor shooting night. He has one gameplan going into every game and if it does not work he refuses to make any adjustments. The current regime also refuses to recruit height, it's not even that they're missing on recruits, they actively recruit guys who are 3-4 inches undersized at each position and lose the rebounding margin every single game. I know for a fact speaking to people in the administration that if it weren't for his outrageously long contract he would've been fired years ago, the administration just didn't want to fire him and then pay him for the remaining years left on the deal.
  • Spider Sam
  • May 28, 2017
VCU fans are hoping fur extends Mooney's contract another decade!