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A10 Schedule Release: Winners/Losers, Predictions & Analysis

The Atlantic 10 Men’s Basketball Conference schedule has been officially released! Learn which teams we believe got the easiest/toughest slates and most/least tournament resume boosting opportunities.

  • Biggest Winners & Losers
  • Schedule Win/Loss Predictions
  • Top 3 Most Important A10 Games


Winner: St Bonaventure

The Atlantic 10 Conference tossed the Bonnies a bone by front loading their schedule with difficult opponents. During the first month of play, Bona has to visit St. Louis, Loyola Chicago, and VCU while also playing host to Dayton. Thankfully for the Brown and White, they only have to play those four teams just once. Plus, they have a much easier second half of play.

Beginning Feb. 8, the Bonnies begin the following stretch of games: La Salle, at Duquesne, at Fordham, George Washington, at Davidson, St. Joseph’s.

Facing Matt McKillop’s squad in Charlotte is the obvious outlier here, and it will be one of the toughest games that Bona will have all year. Yet, the Bonnies finish by hosting Billy Lange’s Hawks before hitting the Mass Pike to cap off the regular season in Amherst against UMass.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 vs UMass (W)

1/4 vs George Mason (W)

1/7 @ Saint Louis (L)

1/11 @ Rhode Island (W)

1/14 vs Richmond (L)

1/18 vs Duquesne (W)

1/21 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

1/25 vs Fordham (W)

1/28 @ VCU (L)

2/1 @ Richmond (L)

2/4 vs Dayton (L)

2/8 vs La Salle (W)

2/11 @ Duquesne (W)

2/15 @ Fordham (W)

2/19 vs George Washington (W)

2/22 @ Davidson (L)

2/26 vs Saint Joseph’s (W)

2/4 @ UMass (L)

Record: 10-8

Top 3 Most Important A10 Games:

12/31 vs UMass: The Bonnies need to set the tone early on their home floor and get a couple of wins before a brutal mid-January stretch

1/14 vs Richmond: The Saturday of Martin Luther King Weekend is when the students typically make their return to campus. The Reilly Center should be a zoo.

2/15 @ Fordham: The Rams have trended upwards in recent years and have become a “pesky” program. The Bonnies will want to cap off their third game in NYC with a victory.

–Jack Milko


Loser: Dayton

Featuring dangerous second year duo Malachi Smith and DaRon Holmes, the Flyers enter this season bringing back 89% of their total minutes from last year’s roster, and should be co-favorites with Saint Louis to win the league. For a potential tourney team like Dayton, the schedule makers did not do them any favors in balancing easy/difficult home-road opportunities. The Flyers have an absolute gauntlet for their home/home series featuring Davidson, VCU, Loyola Chicago, and Saint Louis. Potential trap games vs Duquesne, Saint Joseph’s and La Salle are all home matchups without road return games could significantly damage Dayton’s resume.

Schedule Prediction:

12/28 vs Duquesne (W)

12/31 @ Davidson (L)

1/4 vs Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/10 @ Fordham (W)

1/13 vs VCU (W)

1/17 vs Davidson (W)

1/21 @ George Washington (W)

1/25 @ Rhode Island (W)

1/28 vs Richmond (W)

1/31 vs Loyola Chicago (W)

2/4 @ St Bonaventure (W)

2/7 @ VCU (L)

2/10 vs Saint Louis (W)

2/17 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

2/22 @ UMass (W)

2/25 vs George Mason (W)

2/28 vs La Salle (W)

3/3 @ Saint Louis (L)

Record: 14-4

Top 3 Most Important A10 Games:

1/13 vs VCU: The Flyers and Rams, two A10 heavyweights, battle it out on . The Flyers split with VCU last season in their home/home, each winning on the road. Expect similar this season as both are consensus A10 title contenders. Dayton needs to avoid home losses at all costs early in conference play to ensure they are clearly in the at-large picture entering the final weeks of the season.

2/17 @ Loyola Chicago: The Ramblers move to the A10 positions themselves as more than just a top tier conference foe in the eyes of Flyers nation. The battle for regional supremacy will go farther than just the Arch-Baron Cup now as Dayton’s trip to Chicago will have them engaged in another Midwest rivalry, one that goes beyond the games on the court and into recruiting battles for the top players in the area. It will be intriguing to see the fan breakdown in the arena for this matchup of two of the best fan bases in the country.

3/3 @ Saint Louis: Dayton’s final A10 game at SLU is by far likely to be the MOST important game of the entire Atlantic 10 schedule this season. There could likely be a regular season title on the line for either team, as the winner will greatly ensure they will be dancing in March regardless of their A10 tournament fate the following week in Brooklyn. Both squads won at home against each other last season, and it’s hard to see any different result this season. Popcorn level = 10/10.

–Michael Bergman


Winner: Saint Louis

The biggest winner of the schedule release has to be the Billikens in terms of receiving high quality games and ideal timing. Although SLU plays 6 of their first 9 games on the road, none of those games are against the top tier teams in the league, with only Loyola Chicago projected to be a Q2 game. Saint Louis will enjoy having 6 of their final 9 games at home, at least six of those games will likely be Q1/2 opportunities. Someone send the schedule makers a gift, as the Billikens should be blessed having a high quality inventory of games so late in the season.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 @ Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/4 @ UMass (W)

1/7 vs St Bonaventure (W)

1/11 vs George Mason (L)

1/14 @ George Washington (W)

1/18 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

1/21 vs La Salle (W)

1/27 @ Davidson (L)

1/31 @ Fordham (W)

2/3 vs VCU (W)

2/7 vs Rhode Island (W)

2/10 @ Dayton (L)

2/15 vs Davidson (W)

2/18 vs Duquesne (W)

2/21 @ Richmond (W)

2/25 vs Loyola Chicago (W)

2/28 @ VCU (L)

3/3 vs Dayton (W)

Record: 13-5

Top 3 Most Important A10 Games:

2/3 vs VCU: The Billikens have been blessed with high quality resume boosting opportunities throughout the last 2 months of the season. Their home/home with VCU kicks off their difficult February slate on , and all eyes will be on the likely A10 preseason favorites.

2/21 @ Richmond: SLU is faced with an absolute GAUNTLET their last four games of the season. A loss to the Spiders would put immense pressure on them to win at least 2 of the final 3 games to stay in the A10 title race and possibly even in the at-large conversation. Having split with Richmond last season, Saint Louis picking up a Q2 victory here would be huge.

3/3 vs Dayton: The A10 regular season championship could very well be on the line here as Saint Louis enters their final game of the season. The Billikens will be battle tested having come off three straight Q1/2 games before this contest. A win vs the Flyers could ease any doubts of the Billikens’ at-large candidacy. Easily the most anticipated A10 game of the season right now.

–Michael Bergman


Loser: VCU

Two games against Davidson, Saint Louis and Dayton, as well as a road trip to Loyola Chicago mark a tough schedule for the VCU Rams. VCU returns many of the players that led the team to a top-three finish in the Atlantic 10 regular season before being bounced in the A-10 quarterfinals by Richmond. In all, the conference did a great job of putting a likely competitive VCU team against the rest of the projected top teams in the A-10.

The key for the conference’s most competitive teams? Grabbing wins in the tough road games the conference has put before them. All in all, while the schedule on paper appears to be among the conference’s most difficult, VCU’s roster is well-equipped for the challenge and has earned the opportunity to compete against the A-10’s best.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 vs La Salle (W)

1/4 @ Duquesne (W)

1/7 vs Davidson (W)

1/10 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

1/13 @ Dayton (L)

1/17 vs UMass (W)

1/20 @ Richmond (W)

1/25 vs George Mason (W)

1/28 vs St Bonaventure (L)

1/31 @ Davidson (W)

2/3 @ Saint Louis (W)

2/7 vs Dayton (W)

2/15 @ Rhode Island (L)

2/18 vs Fordham (W)

2/21 @ Saint Joseph’s (W)

2/24 vs Richmond (W)

2/28 vs Saint Louis (L)

3/4 @ George Washington (W)

Record: 13-5

Top 3 Most important A10 Games:

1/13 at Dayton: This will be a key early-season matchup for a VCU team that is looking to contend for the Atlantic 10 conference championship in 2022-23. Dayton and VCU have been the two most successful programs in the conference for a few years and a win here will be key for both teams as they look to get an early claim on the conference title. The game also caps a tough road trip for VCU, who plays Loyola Chicago three days before. Sweeping this road trip is key for VCU’s early conference schedule.

2/3 @ Saint Louis: Saint Louis is likely to be a trendy preseason pick for conference champion, with good reason. The Rams face the Billikens for the first time in early February on the road. Like the Dayton game, this caps another tough road trip, with the Rams facing the Davidson Wildcats earlier that week in North Carolina. Again, if VCU wants to win the conference, this would be a crucial road trip to grab key wins on. The Billikens will travel to the Siegel Center at the end of February in what is sure to be one of VCU’s best home games.

2/24 vs Richmond: Regardless of record, regardless of roster, and regardless of venue, the VCU-Richmond Capital City Classic rivalry is always a key game on the schedule. Ultimately, the jury is out on how well Richmond can compete this season after the massive turnover the defending champion’s roster underwent this offseason. However, the game remains one of the hottest tickets in town and one of the highlights of the schedule. While VCU has often had the upper hand in the rivalry in recent years, Richmond got the last laugh in March by eliminating VCU from the A-10 tournament on the way to the Spiders’ upset conference championship victory.

–Jason Boleman


Winner: Loyola Chicago

Loyola begins its inaugural season in the Atlantic 10 this season. Fans should be excited to see how their updated and retooled roster will compete with the athleticism and increased skill level in their new conference. The Ramblers have a nice balance of manageable home games against far traveling opponents such as GW, Saint Joseph’s, Fordham, and Rhode Island with great resume boosting home/home opportunities vs Dayton, Saint Louis, and Mason. Loyola’s path to a potential at-large bid has been made easier than other A10 contenders by the schedule makers.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 vs George Washington (W)

1/4 @ Davidson (W)

1/7 @ George Mason (L)

1/10 vs VCU (L)

1/14 @ Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/18 vs Saint Louis (W)

1/21 vs St Bonaventure (W)

1/25 @ Duquesne (W)

1/31 @ Dayton (L)

2/4 vs George Mason (W)

2/8 vs Saint Joseph’s (W)

2/11 @ Richmond (L)

2/13 @ UMass (W)

2/17 vs Dayton (L)

2/22 vs Fordham (W)

2/25 @ Saint Louis (L)

3/1 vs Rhode Island (W)

3/4 @ La Salle (W)

Record: 12-6

Top 3 Most Important A10 Games:

12/31 vs George Washington: GW will be their first ever A10 conference game in a fun matchup featuring two of the best guards in the conference, Braden Norris and James Bishop. On the coaching side, it will be both Drew Valentine and Chris Caputo’s first A10 matchup.

2/17 vs Dayton: Although there are a few good coaches in the MVC, it seems as if every team has a great head coach in Loyola’s new conference. It will be a big test for Drew Valentine and company vs Dayton’s Anthony Grant at home in a matchup. Loyola will have to come up with a matchup to slow down A10 Freshman of the Year Daron Holmes. Look for them to throw different defensive matchups at Holmes including: Welch, Golden, and Hutson. I’d look for Loyola to slow down the game, limit possessions, and not turn the ball over. If you make it out to Gentile be loud, buy a scarf, and say hi to Sister Jean on your way out.

2/25 @ Saint Louis: Loyola will look to play spoiler potentially, and might even be in play for the double bye in the A10 tournament at this point of the season. The Ramblers will need their best performance and great defense team against Javonte Perkins and Yuri Collins with the departure of Lucas Williamson. Marquise Kennedy will play a key role in this game. He can stay in front of Perkins and Collins defensively, and hopefully try to punish the smaller Collins under the basket.



Winner: UMass

The Minutemen frankly (pun intended) couldn’t ask for a more easier schedule in year 1 of the Frank Martin regime. They are fortunate to have avoided playing any of the top tier A10 teams multiple times, plus very few difficult road games. UMass will play VCU, Saint Louis, Dayton, Loyola Chicago, and George Mason just ONCE each. The Minutemen’s toughest road games are @ St Bonaventure, @ VCU, and @ George Mason and are all completed before February 2nd.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 @ St Bonaventure (L)

1/4 vs Saint Louis (L)

1/7 @ George Washington (W)

1/11 vs La Salle (W)

1/14 vs Rhode Island (W)

1/17 @ VCU (L)

1/21 @ Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/25 vs Richmond (W)

1/28 vs Duquesne (W)

2/1 @ George Mason (L)

2/4 vs Davidson (L)

2/8 @ Fordham (W)

2/11 @ La Salle (W)

2/14 vs Loyola Chicago (L)

2/18 @ Rhode Island (L)

2/22 vs Dayton (L)

3/1 @ Duquesne (W)

3/4 vs St Bonaventure (W)

Record: 10-8

Top 3 Most Important A10 Games:

12/31 @ St Bonaventure: Frank Martin’s Minutemen open A10 play in Olean on new year’s eve. This matchup will be one of many the intriguing storylines in the conference this season for UMass, taking on UMass Twitter’s top offseason COY candidate in the recently extended Mark Schmidt and his new look Bonnies. Both squads rank bottom 3 in retention minutes from last year’s rosters, so expect the unexpected in the A10 opener.

1/14 vs Rhode Island: Bragging rights are up for grabs as both New England teams in year 1 of rebuilding their programs re-engage in their annual rivalry. This must watch game takes place on a Saturday in Amherst. Frank Martin vs Archie Miller has the potential to be one of the best coaching rivalries in the country as both look to rejuvenate their careers arriving from Power 5 teams in South Carolina and Indiana respectively.

1/25 vs Richmond: The Spiders have had the Minutemen’s numbers for years now as UMass has struggled finding any answers for the Gilyard-Golden tandem. Now that the duo has finally graduated, UMass has the chance to change the narrative. A Wednesday night home victory vs Richmond would go a long way towards building the same level of consistency and success Richmond has enjoyed for years under Chris Mooney.

–Michael Bergman


Loser: Fordham

Fordham’s conference slate is actually pretty balanced in terms of who they’re playing and where. In the home-and-home series, the Rams will take on Duquesne, Rhody, Bona, and Davidson, who Fordham led at halftime before losing 69-66 in the Rose Hill Gym last season. As long as Fordham can limit the turnovers, improve their efficiency beyond the arc, and continue to defend at a high level, I think they’ll be able to surpass many expectations this year. Aside from the coaching promotion, this team is nearly identical to the one we saw last year, meaning that we’ll get a much more cohesive unit in 2022-23.

Schedule Prediction:

12/28 vs Davidson (L)

1/4 @ Rhode Island (W)

1/7 vs Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/10 vs Dayton (L)

1/14 @ La Salle (W)

1/21 @ Duquesne (W)

1/25 @ St Bonaventure (L)

1/28 vs George Washington (W)

1/31 vs Saint Louis (L)

2/5 @ Richmond (L)

2/8 vs UMass (W)

2/11 @ Davidson (L)

2/15 vs St Bonaventure (W)

2/18 @ VCU (L)

2/22 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

2/25 vs Rhode Island (W)

3/1 @ George Mason (L)

3/4 vs Duquesne (W)

Record: 9-9

–Sam Basel


Winner: George Washington

GW definitely won the schedule release and has a very favorable slate this season. Out of conference, they are hosting a Power 5 (South Carolina), playing two intercity rivals (American and Howard), and playing high quality opponents in a tournament in a desirable location. In conference, they are able to face their toughest opponents (SLU and Dayton) at home on a Saturday, giving them the best possible home court advantage. GW will definitely be underdogs this season, but their schedule puts them in a great position to succeed.

Schedule Prediction:

12/31 @ Loyola Chicago (L)

1/4 @ Richmond (L)

1/7 vs UMass (W)

1/14 vs Saint Louis (L)

1/16 @ George Mason (W)

1/21 vs Dayton (L)

1/25 vs Saint Joseph’s (W)

1/28 @ Fordham (L)

2/1 @ La Salle (W)

2/4 vs Duquesne (W)

2/8 vs Richmond (W)

2/11 @ Saint Joseph’s (W)

2/15 vs George Mason (W)

2/19 @ St Bonaventure (W)

2/22 @ Rhode Island (L)

2/25 vs La Salle (W)

3/1 @ Davidson (L)

3/4 vs VCU (L)

Record: 10-8

Top 3 Most Important Games:

11/30 vs South Carolina: This is the first time a Power 5 school has made their way to Foggy Bottom since 2017. Additionally, GW will have the opportunity to face off against one of the top freshmen, and potentially the best individual player they will have to defend all year, in 6-9 F GG Jackson.

1/16 @ George Mason: This year’s first iteration of the Revolutionary Rivalry will come in the middle of GW’s toughest stretch of the season. This will also be new Head Coach Chris Caputo’s first time returning to George Mason, where he coached as an assistant for a decade and helped take them to the Final Four in 2006. This game will be huge.

2/22 @ Rhode Island: This offseason, former GW standout PG Brayon Freeman transferred to Rhode Island after a wildly successful first year. Inter-conference transfers are rare, and so transfers don’t usually have to face their former teams. Regardless of whether or not there are any hard feelings between Freeman and his former teammates, this will be a fun one to watch.

— David Korn