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A few thoughts on Carte’Are Gordon breaking a backboard

The backboard is expectations for the Billikens’ upcoming season.

A series of thoughts, vaguely ranked from least to most rational:






“Saint Louis Billikens, 2019 NCAA Champs has a nice ring to it, huh?”

“I haven’t seen Zion Williamson shatter any backboards at Duke. Just saying.”

“Are defenders going to even try to stop Carte’Are Gordon this year?”

“Is it even worth trying to stop Carte’Are when it’s such a futile effort?”

“Sure, he broke the backboard but he didn’t jump over a trash can, did he?”

“It’s funny how literally everyone reacts immediately except the manager in white under the basket who just kinda stands there.”

“That manager has either got to be in awe or is zoned out thinking about Fortnite, right?”

“It’s silly to overreact just from 7 seconds of video, but Carte’Are Gordon looks so smooth for someone as big as he is.”

“This is definitely going to be the most imposing frontcourt in the A-10.”

“Obviously it’s only a seven second video, but as basketball season approaches, the excitement around Travis Ford’s Billikens is growing and Carte’Are Gordon is a big part of the why.”