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5 Observations from the Bonnies’ Win Over Fordham

Before we get into the debatable subject matter, let’s all agree on one thing. Fordham is bad. Like, really bad. Sorry to any Fordham fans who may be reading this, but the 2018 edition of the Rams is not pretty.

With that established, let’s get into the Bonnies performance on Wednesday night. As always, I only calls ’em as I sees ’em. Let me know if you disagree.

LaDarrien continues his improvement

LD had his best game as Bonnie against Fordham, tallying 21 points and 14 rebounds. He was an absolute force down low against a struggling Rams interior offense. He’s substantially improved at shooting (9-14) and dribbling (0 turnovers), and has learned how to play defense without always fouling. Maybe some of the other bigs can learn from him. Of course, his (and my) favorite play will always be the alley-oop.

Stockard being Stockard

A very typical, but very good game, from Stockard. He collected 13 points, only shot 2-7 on jumpers (3-5 driving), collected 7 rebounds, and dished out three assists. Overall, he played a very solid game, and provided some offense in the first half when the Bonnies were struggling to score. But, he has been very careless with the ball lately, commiting 16 turnovers in only 5 games. He especially struggles with hanging onto the ball while driving towards the hoop on the break. Additionally, he committed three fouls again. There have only been two games all season where he’s committed fewer. He needs to learn to be aggressive defending without making contact with the shooter, especially after the ball has been released. Like all season, Stockard was a big plus tonight, but he still has room to grow.

Dynamic Duo (essentially) nonexistent

While it wasn’t either of their worst games, Adams and Mobley were basically irrelevant tonight. Combined, they only shot the ball 12 times (Griffin took 14 shots) and scored only 18 points. The duo that was widely considered one of the best in the country only about a week ago, has now had three subpar games in a row. It’s hard to say what the exact cause is, but there’s no doubt that both players will have to be more involved if they have any hopes of beating Rhode Island in Kingston on Saturday.

Chef Sighting

It was only for five minutes, but Bonnies fans must have been excited to see Chef get some action in a real game situation. Maybe it required nearly 5 quarters of atrocious basketball to get Schmidt to do it, but he finally took him off the pine. Yes, he did look raw, but he also collected a board and a bucket in his limited time. It would be nice for him, and future Bonnie’s teams, if Chef can even get at least minimal time moving forward.

Video Broadcast still has a loooong way to go

I have no problem paying to watch the Bonnies play. I look at it as a small contribution to a team I take great pleasure in watching. But man, the Bonnies production team makes it hard to watch. HD cameras are a huge improvement. Garry Nease on the call is infinitely better than what they had before. But, the camera work is horrendous. The baseline angle is shakey, and the full-court view is typically behind the play (especially on the fastbreak). Additionally, the cutout of the feed in the beginning of the second half was disappointing. I am happy with the progress though. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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