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3 Bold Predictions for the St. Bonaventure vs. Rhode Island Clash

When the A-10 scheduled this game months ago, they were probably hoping for this exact scenario. It’s hard to imagine the game having more importance, a perfect season on the line for Rhody, and NCAA at-large hopes for the Bonnies. Too often, I’ve tried to accurately predict these types of games and been laughably wrong. So instead, I’ll try and give some hot takes and see if I can get a little closer.

Jaylen Adams will not score 20 points

Don’t confuse this with Jaylen Adams will not be the most important player on the floor. Danny Hurley’s strategy to dealing with the Bonnies is pretty well known; take Adams and Mobley out of the game. With the array of talented guards they have, they might be the team that’s finally able to tame Adams for a night. However, I’ve always believed that Adams best attribute was his passing ability, and with increased pressure (even since the last time these teams met) on him from Rhody’s guards, he should have some opportunities to find open guys, and to give them good looks.

The Bonnies will commit  be called for fewer than 15 fouls

No secrets here, the Bonnies like to foul. They have at least four guys (Stockard, Ayeni, Ikpeze, and Griffin) that can’t help themselves. Not surprisingly, we see these guys in foul trouble, and the other team in the bonus, very early into halves. Tonight however, expect the Bonnies to be as mentally prepared as they’ve been all season. And while I don’t expect them to commit fewer “real” fouls, I do expect there to be fewer mental lapses resulting in absurd fouls.

Oh, and maybe they’ll get a little home cookin’ too?

Courtney Stockard will be team MVP

What would the Bonnies have done without a healthy Courtney Stockard this season? The junior has been impressive in his first full season of basketball since 2015, averaging 11 points and 6 rebounds per game. Most impressive are his drives to the rack, especially when he throws in a spin move. It would only make sense if the guy that’s already propelled them to their two biggest wins thus far (the game winner over Maryland, and the 5 free throws and drawing the charge against ‘Cuse), delivers again in this one. If the Bonnies win, and this prediction comes true, I expect the students to be carrying him out of the RC on their shoulders.

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