Video: Talking TJ Cline and Spider basketball with Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman

Nancy Lieberman has basically the most impressive resume you’ll find in the world of sports. She was a two-time National Player of the Year in college where she won two national championships at Old Dominion (averaging 20.9 points, 10.1 rebounds and 7.9 assists….AS A FRESHMAN!), won a silver medal in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal as a teenager, then went on to play professionally in both women’s AND men’s professional leagues, including WNBA playing time in her 50s, then later did the same as a coach, becoming the first female head coach of an NBA D-League team before eventually landing a role as an assistant with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. But as proud as those moments were for the redhead from Queens, NY, talking about her son, current Richmond Spider TJ Cline, perhaps puts the biggest smile on her face.

I had the honor of catching up with Nancy on Skype this morning to talk about her accomplishments as well as the rise of her son TJ as he prepares for a professional career himself after this upcoming senior season with the Spiders.


Mat Shelton-Eide has been involved in college athletics since 2007, starting as a co-founder of where he covered the Rams all the way...
Funny story I will probably remember for the rest of my life. My wife gave birth 3 weeks ago in Dallas, Tx. I had my VCU Rams shirt on. The doctor delivering the baby said she loves to watch Rams and Spiders in basketball and that her friend's son plays for UR. We ended up talking about Nancy and TJ and A10!
  • Mat Shelton-Eide
  • August 18, 2016
That's awesome! Congrats on your new baby!